Reporting violations (according to Legislative Decree 24/2023)

All persons working within or on behalf of the Gabrielli Group, or anyone who witnesses an offence – potentially detrimental to the organisation to which they belong and/or to the community as a whole – may report it to the organisation.
The Company has set up an internal whistleblowing channel which uses an @Whistleblowing IT platform, available to anyone, to send Reports with the maximum guarantee of confidentiality as defined in paragraph 4 of the Whistleblowing Procedure.

The reports may concern, for example:

  • Violations of the Organisational Model and Code of Ethics adopted by the Companies;
  • Tax offences;
  • Violation of environmental and occupational safety regulations;
  • Offences related to personal data protection, network and information system security.

The @Whistleblowing Platform cannot be used to report complaints, claims or demands of personal nature which relate exclusively to individual employment relations, i.e. to employment relations with hierarchically superior figures. The following cannot therefore be reported:  

  • the reporter’s personal protests;
  • claims pertaining to the employment or collaboration relationship;
  • claims pertaining to relations with hierarchical superiors or colleagues.

The internal reporting channel guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, the facilitator (if any), the persons involved and in any case mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report and of the relevant documentation submitted or that can be supplemented.

Once entry of the report has been completed (regardless of whether it is anonymous or not), the platform provides a 12-character alphanumeric code, randomly and automatically generated by the IT platform, which cannot be reproduced and with which the reporter can at any time view the process status of his report and interact with the person responsible through a messaging tool.

The code is in no way recoverable and in case of loss, access to the report is no longer possible!

The report can only be viewed and managed by the person responsible for the channel, i.e. BDO Advisory Services S.r.l.

To file a report click here and access the @Whistleblowing platform